Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Janet, don’t spill the gingerbread latte!

OK we need a plan: meet at cafe, read the Best Seller lists while sipping coffee, see which ones the library doesn’t already own, avoid bumping into students buying textbooks, and start shopping for the Spring Semester!

Our heroine, Molly Maurer
Undeclared Senator

I don’t know where the winter break went! It seems like yesterday when we went to the student senate to ask for a boost to our small collection of recreational reading. Weren’t you impressed with their questions and comments? Weren’t you grateful to all the supportive words for the library and see the funding resolution passed? Let’s see if we can get bestseller books on CD like they asked. Oh, and did you feel WAY underdressed at that meeting? What happened to putting a sweatshirt on to disguise the fact you’re wearing your pajamas outside?

Anyway, we promised those students results, like this blog, and communication with professional authors. So, are you going to call David Sedaris or should I?