Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Well, look at this! It's November!

This semester has been flying by. I'm amazed it's November already!

November is a month full of interesting things. Veterans Day gives us a chance to recognize and remember those who have served the U.S. in the armed services. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not only for the food and the Macy's parade, but for the chance to pause and reflect on how good life really is.

But November is also National Novel Writing Month, and all over the world people are bent over their keyboards, cranking out words upon words. The deal with NaNoWriMo, as it's fondly called, is that the participants each try to get 50,000 onto paper in a fairly coherent fashion in one month--November.

Are you signed up for NaNoWriMo? Let me know and we'll try to get a gathering together. A write-in!

Have a good November and always have a book to read!


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